Nursery News is the one and only official publication produced for Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Nursery. It contains all of the information you are ever likely to need whilst a member of our community, and much more besides.

Whether you want to know when all of the important dates are, or just want to keep up with the latest fundraising opportunities, Nursery News has all of the answers. As well as being available in print copy at the Nursery, you can also download the latest edition as soon as it is released right here!


Released January 2013

the spring edition of nursery news, our official publication

In This Issue

As we begin 2013 with a bang, we update you on some important information about health and safety, lost property and the latest news about fundraising.

We also let you know what to look forward to over the year to come, showing you what we will be investigating and learning during the coming weeks of our first term of the year.



Released in September 2012

Autumn Edition of Nursery News

In This Issue

As we head into the first term of this new school year, let us welcome you back with the first edition of our new, termly edition, of Nursery News!

We let you know all about what will be happening during this term, how you can support us with our fundraising events, the A.G.M and our upcoming photography day.




We have assembled quite the collection of back-issues over the last two years, and now they are all available for you to download.

helping your children cross any bridge

Why not take a trip back through the previous year, and read all about our epic fundraising event, The Three Peaks Challenge?

2011 / 2012

2010 was where it all began for Nursery News, take a step back into our past to discover how it all started.

2010 / 2011